Do not dump your potatoes – use these simple recipes for your freezer

Do not dump your potatoes – use these simple recipes for your freezer

Pour them in a cool, dark place, unless used immediately. If they start to germinate in the darkness, do not give up; simply cut off any troubling straws or green patches before cooking.

Packed in 1.5 kg is the norm, fortunately, the potatoes are frozen well, as long as they are ripe (raw potatoes become very sweet). In fact, in the case of roasted potatoes, the process actually seems to make them more crunchy: boil them, shake them a little, then place them on a baking tray, cool and freeze until they become solid. Prompt them into the freezer bag. From frozen roasted, they should take about an hour; make a batch tonight and enjoy an extra half-hour of couch time during Christmas.


That is, some pounded foods may be more useful in everyday food refrigeration: by convention (do not try to skim the butter, because fat will improve the final consistency) and then thaw for heating, although you can also bake it, microwave ovens Or gently heat the refrigerator.

Dauphinoise and other gratins should be roasted until almost but not completely, checked out before the Ice Kingdom beneath the fridge; just do not add cheese to the top until you return them to their golden glory in an oven at 200 ° C. Not so fancy, but also so popular on a cold Sunday night, twice baked eggplant potatoes: bake as usual, then mix the meat with cheese and sour cream, then return it to the skin and wrap it with aluminum foil . Later, you can bake from the frozen.


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