Nigel Slater Kidney with Madeira and Mustard Formula

Nigel Slater Kidney with Madeira and Mustard Formula

Skin strips were peeled from the outer side of the kidneys of 6 sheep, each skin was placed flat on a table, and cut horizontally in half. Cut the white core into pieces, cut in half, cut in half. Now rinse with cold water and rinse vigorously on the screen. Empty the kidneys and pat dry with kitchen paper. Prepare 2 rounds of crisp bread. Thin slices of 100 grams of small mushrooms, then a quarter of 100 grams of cherry tomatoes.
Melt 40 grams of butter in a shallow tray, then place the kidneys in a bowl and place in about 40 grams of flour, some salt and black pepper. When the butter begins to bubble, add flour and let them boil for a minute or two without moving them. Will form a small brown crust. Turn them over, continue cooking for a minute, then introduce mushrooms. Stir the mixture a little and then, when they turn yellow and brown in the butter, add the tomatoes and pour into a good two Madeira. Leave for a few minutes under high foam, burn the alcohol, then pour in 75-100 ml of chicken or beef.


Once the liquid is slowly stirred around the kidneys and mushrooms, stir 1-2 tablespoons of mild mustard – a little more or less – and then add 75ml of double cream as the mixture decreases in the pan. Stay and stew for a minute or two before serving the kidneys and spit the soup and toast together. Fresh and bright broken coriander, will not go wrong.

Completely cut off the white core of the kidney with a pair of scissors or a knife. It is tough and inedible. Maintain a fairly high amount of calories, so kidneys quickly cook.

Instead of kidney use chestnut mushrooms. Cut into slices, each about 3 mushrooms. Add mushrooms 200g to the place of mushrooms. Use tarragon instead of parsley, but add it before adding Madeira. If Madeira proved illusory, then use Marsala it.

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